Familiarization with Chiang Rai city and staying safe on the roads

Chiang Rai

Arriving in a new city where you probably know no-one and certainly don't know what is and is not available and where to find it can be a daunting experience. This day together will make that easier for you.

We will arrange for someone to take you around the city both on foot and by car to show you where everything is and advise you of where it is best to spend your money. Whilst driving around we will also teach you the rules of driving in Thailand. Rules like just because the light is green does not mean it is safe to proceed, or that nobody will undertake you, even how to safely navigate a roundabout. Yes, they play by different rules here and before learning the rules my husband was involved in two accidents and at least twenty near misses. Driving safely in Thailand means learning to expect what you would not normally expect.

We will show you the the city including the entertainment area, shopping malls, markets, bus stations, immigration, police station, some touristy spots, etc. At the end of the day we will go to dinner and answer any other specific questions you have.