Fees For Services


We would like to provide a price list detailing the costs of each of our services but the time required to provide each service varies from client to client. For instance, some people choose a car in a few hours, others take a few days the same is true for selecting somewhere to live.

We charge an hourly rate plus expenses. Expenses are usually only for fuel and vehicle wear.

Our fees are 250 Baht per hour (minimum 1 hour) to a maximum of 1500 Baht per day plus 5 baht per kilometer.

Most of our services will not save you money, but they will save you time and frustration. These are services like applying for your visa and drivers license, registering a car or motorbike, acquiring health and automobile insurance, opening a bank account, getting your SIM card, connecting the internet and dealing with the many people who only speak Thai etc. Where we will save you money is on house rental and vehicle purchase. On these two items alone in the first 12 months we will save you more than you pay us, on average, depending on your rent and vehicle budget, that savings alone will total about 16,000 - 32,000 Baht per year.

   Usually our clients save at least double the amount of our fees. And that's in just the first couple of weeks.