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NOTE: When addressing themselves, male speakers use Phom, and female speakers use “chun” or more formally “deechun”. Phom, Chun and Deechun mean "I". To be polite, at the end of most sentences, male speakers use “krup”  and female speakers use “ka”.

1- Useful Thai Phrases For Beginners – Here are useful words and phrases for “Thai for beginners” that will help travelers and people just starting to learn Thai. (Always Remember males say Khrup after a sentence while females say Ka) - Click to download lesson

2 - Useful Directions To Know In Thai:  - Click to download lesson

3 - At the Immigration Office: Basic phrases used at the immigration office - Click to download lesson

4 - When you are at a restaurant, what would you say after finishing eating and drinking? - Click to download lesson

5 - Thai love phrases: Phrases to help you to communicate your feelings to members of the opposite sex. - Click to download lesson

6 - Things you can say other than sawadee krup.  Click to download lesson

7 - Common Thai words Part 1 of 2Click to download lesson

8 - Common Thai words Part 2 of 2 - Click to download lesson

9 - How to refer to yourself and others - Click to download lesson

10 - Phrases for use in the workplace Part 1 of 2 - Click to download lesson

11 - Phrases for use in the workplace Part 2 of 2 - Click to download lesson

12 - One aspect of the Thai language you should learn  is days of the week and months of the year.  Click to download lesson