Retirement Visa Thailand

Getting a visa

We will help you with the paperwork and formalities of getting your retirement visa in Thailand. If you want to know what is required to get a visa send us a message telling us your age explaining exactly what you want and we will get back to you with the details.

To get a retirement visa you must be 50 years of age or over and have either an income of 65,000 Baht per month or 800,000 Baht in a Thai bank account for 2 months or a combination of both totaling 800,000 Baht. An example of a combination might be that you have an income of 50,000 baht per month or 600,000 baht per year and 200,000 baht in a Thai bank account. These funds must have been in the bank for a period of not less than 2 months prior to your first retirement visa application and 3 months for subsequent renewals.

On a retirement visa you are not allowed to do any work. Not even voluntary. To work in Thailand you need a Business Visa to get a work permit.