Thai Language and Culture Classes

Your language and culture teacher

Learning the language and culture is not a "must do" but it is a good idea.

Jen, our teacher, earned her degree in Education from Rajabhat University, Chiang Rai in 1988. Jen’s passion in life is teaching the Thai language and culture to westerners. Jen has a unique style of teaching which quickly advances people to being able to hold a basic conversation.

All of Jen's teaching is one-on-one because she knows it will take you much longer to learn in a group class. In a group class, you learn at the teacher's pace, with Jen, you learn at your pace. Jen's classes cost 250 Baht per hour and are sold in blocks of 30 hours (7500). Each block is comprised of either 15 two hour lessons (recommended) or 30 one hour lessons. You may choose to learn basic conversation, advanced conversation or reading and writing.

If you already speak some Thai and just want to expand your vocabulary in specific areas Jen will work with you only on what you need.  In other words, you tell Jen what you want to learn and she will teach just that.

Learning to speak the Thai language may be the single most important task an expat can undertake for his life in Thailand. Actually, it's not simply a matter of whether or not you should learn the language, rather, it is how well you learn to communicate with the Thais. Learning Thai gives an expat who makes that effort distinct advantages such as:

  • More respect
  • Life gets much easier
  • You will save money
  • Learn about things, places & opportunities that non-speaking foreigners will not
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your new home
  • and many more